Backstory for Abaddon

Backstory for Abaddon: Tiefling Warlock – Demon Pact Setting: Dungeons and Dragons   Born Damakos, he was the child of his wizard mother Damaia and his swordsman father Akmenos.  He lived a simple but happy life.  That is until the day the lord of the area was assassinated.  The lord’s guards were killed with blade... Continue Reading →

Note about my Poems

Due to some questions that have been asked about my writing style and the format and a few other things, I'll share with yall how I write these. There is no real style or format.  It is all free-flow and free-form. These poems are written all at once.  There is no thinking or debating on... Continue Reading →

Moon Lit Metal

Moon Lit Metal A cloudless night The wind blows gently The full moon shines brightly There is silence in the night... A faint sound is heard, slowing becoming clear A lone guitar plays softly, slowing gaining in volume Drums join in, matching in volume, slowing growing louder Another instrument joins and another as the music... Continue Reading →

Death Knight

Death Knight Death's Knight Knight of Death It is known by many names but how many know what it truly is? Is it a Monster?  A Demon?  A Man? Regardless, it is one who brings death to its foes and defends against death to its allies Because it is one with Death, it can bestow... Continue Reading →

In Silence And In Shadow

In Silence And In Shadow They reside They who's faces and names remain hidden, They who do what others cannot, What others dare not. They are known and unknown It is one thing to know of something It is another to know what something is For those who reside and operate in the shadows, They... Continue Reading →

Darkness is Coming

Darkness is Coming Darkness is coming While it is something that many fear… There is something else coming behind that veil of darkness Something that they should fear more tan the darkness Things known & unknown, named & un-named, are coming Many will flee from the very sight of these things of Darkness and Evil... Continue Reading →

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